WISPAMERICA 2019: See Minim and Aerez live in action

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See how our managed WiFi solutions provide:

  • Visibility into subscriber home networks in our intuitive portal
  • A user-friendly mobile app for subscriber self care
  • Advanced QoE to subscribers
  • Access to diagnose common network and device issues in real-time
  • Visibility in what’s connected to the network with device-friendly names
  • Device signal strength and bandwidth consumption
  • An easy way to manage router firmware with automatic updates
  • Security around all connected devices in the home
  • AI-powered network recommendations  for remote intervention, and much more!


About Minim & Aerez

Minim, the cloud-managed WiFi and security platform, acquired MCP Networks, creators of Aerez, a leading managed WiFi solution built for Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). Aerez provides WISPs with a 30 percent cost savings on support and a premium user experience through a complete managed Mikrotik router service, subscriber mobile app, and integrated support tools. Minim is integrating Aerez's innovative Quality of Experience (QoE) functionality and Mikrotik router support into its platform, giving the combined customer base access to more hardware choices and advanced managed WiFi and IoT security features.